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Assertiveness: Skill You Need To Move To The Next Level

As you stack all your technical skills to prepare to chart the career progression, one more thing you need to add to your bag is people skill. You need to be assertive to excel at your career.

Assertiveness is a personality trait characterized by being proactive, confident, straightforward, and direct. It’s opposed to passiveness which is characterized by being compliant or yielding.

Assertiveness skills are so essential for your professional growth because they’ll enable you to speak up for what you believe in without hesitation.

If you’re not assertive in your professional life, you may dare not:

1. Persuade others to accept your ideas, even if they’re better than others’.

2. Try the new ideas to solve the problems instead of repeating what everyone does or what they think is right.

3. Speak up for yourself and stand up for what you believe in.

4. Say No when you need it without feeling guilty about it later on.

5. Communicate honestly with your boss or your peers.

6. Clear out conflicts without destroying the relationship entirely.

7. Overcome competition easily, no matter how tough it is for you.

You don’t let somebody’s expectation bring you down to the ground. This is an issue which increases stress levels considerably despite its simplicity in practice. You’ll be able to fight stress if you can learn to be assertive.

You may feel the need to hide behind a polite smile, swallow your words and thoughts, and pretend that everything is okay when it’s not. At the end of the day, you’re hurting yourself by not being assertive.

The reasons why you’re an assertive person may vary from case to case. Some people grew up in a family where they were expected to be submissive and polite all their lives, while others were brought up in the environments where speaking up your mind was ordinary.

However, there are still some symptoms which you can recognize that could help you identify whether or not there’s something wrong with your assertiveness style.

Communications are key to this skill set… you need to communicate with your boss, peers, and subordinates effectively so that everyone gets what they want or need.

Interpersonal skills are essential for success in any business environment because they ensure the smooth running of organization and existence of trust between staff members.

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