Executive Communication Coaching

Group Coaching

Designed to help leaders communicate with clarity, conviction, and confidence 

These programme are for you if:

  • You don’t feel confident as a speaker or as an active team member.
  • You want your team to nurture a stronger intra-team or inter-departmental relationships.
  • You want to promote better corporate cultural awareness and seek to improve competency within a team or across teams in the company.

These programmes are

An alternative to traditional one-on-one executive coaching and offers many benefits such as:

  • A supportive and collaborative learning environment
  • The opportunity to learn from and network with other professionals
  • Access to a skilled and experienced coach at a fraction of the cost of one-on-one coaching.

Group Programmes will help you gain:

  • Develop stronger professional relationships.
  • Boost your confidence and you will get opportunities to interact with your co-participants.
  • Create an ambiance where you will get an increased sense of participation.
  • Inspire and motivate.

Bonus: The programme will adapt to cover the specific language areas and skills that you need to focus on.

Designed to empower individuals to:

  • express themselves effectively
  • assert their needs,
  • and build strong interpersonal connections.

In this programme, you will learn valuable techniques to communicate assertively, manage conflicts, and overcome self-doubt.

Through interactive exercises, role-plays, and group discussions, you will develop a greater sense of self-assurance and enhance your ability to convey your thoughts, opinions, and boundaries confidently.

Whether in personal relationships or professional settings, this programme aims to equip you with the tools to communicate assertively and establish healthy connections.

Tailored for professionals seeking to:

  • enhance their communication skills
  • and advance their careers.

This programme focuses on the specific needs and challenges faced by executives and individuals in leadership roles.

Participants will explore strategies to deliver compelling presentations, master effective public speaking, and engage with diverse stakeholders.

We delve into advanced techniques such as persuasive communication, executive presence, and influential leadership.

Through real-world scenarios, case studies, and peer feedback, participants will sharpen their communication acumen, refine their leadership style, and excel in their professional endeavors.

Why Join Our Group Programmes?

These group programmes provide a supportive and interactive environment where you can enhance your communication abilities, gain self-confidence, and excel in various aspects of your lives.

Expert Guidance: Our programmes are facilitated by experienced communication experts who are passionate about helping individuals unlock their full potential. They bring a wealth of knowledge and practical insights to guide participants towards their communication goals.

Interactive Learning: Our group programmes provide a dynamic and interactive learning experience. Participants engage in role-plays, discussions, and activities that promote active participation, collaboration, and growth.


Supportive Community: Joining our group programmes means becoming part of a supportive community of like-minded individuals. Through shared experiences, feedback, and encouragement, participants develop lasting connections and gain invaluable support on their communication journey.

Applicable Skills: We focus on delivering practical skills and techniques that participants can immediately apply in their personal and professional lives. Our programmes are designed to equip individuals with the tools they need to succeed in various communication contexts.

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