Executive Communication Coaching


A discovery call is the chance to meet each other. You will have your questions answered and your doubts cleared out. We’ll also be able to find out about your needs, goals, and expectations. And, if we all agree we can work together, we can schedule your classes as well.

Yes, payments are made upfront to lock your schedule. 

Since the pandemic has hit us all differently, you can make payment is two parts as well.

Preferably online: zoom/skype/google meet.

We will design the sessions together as we progress, so it is completely bespoke for you and your needs. We will sit together and discuss everything as necessary, from voice and body language to structure, tone. and connection.

In the current climate, where most coaching will have to be delivered online via video conferencing, I recommend one or two hour sessions.

As a senior leader, your leadership communication skills need to be so good that they appear effortless. This is where coaching and feedback helps.

All 1-1 coaching is custom-made. I have found from experience that six sessions are ideal. But if you prefer to have one session we would be very happy to arrange it. In the past some leaders have opted for one session, only to add more sessions after the first one. And that’s fine too!

“Initially, I was skeptical if it would work for me, thanks for making these session lively and interactive.”

“I didn’t think it would be this interesting.”

“I thought it might be a bit boring – but it was such fun and really fascinating.”