Executive Communication Coaching

Refund, Returns and Cancellation Policy

Archana Parmar’s Courses, comprised of digital access and downloadable files, is a non-refundable program. The same applies to our Masterclasses as well.

However, Archana Parmar’s Courses come with personal support for all students in our community.

When you enrol for Archana Parmar’s Courses, it is mutually understood that you signed up of your own will with full understanding that the implementation of the materials to get results will be your sole responsibility. That being said, we will be aiding you with setbacks, as long as they are a part of our curriculum.

We hope to have you as a valuable member of the Archana Parmar Student Community.

You should receive your course details within at the stipulated time after purchase, further details are to be shared in Your Welcome Kit. In case of unexpected errors, you can connect with Archana Parmar at archana@archanaparmar.com