How to say 'No' when you don't want to say 'Yes'

Are you hesitant to express your thoughts or opinions?

Do you find dealing with authority figures difficult?

Have you ever felt, that you had been unfairly criticized or taken advantage of? 

These are some situations that demand assertive behaviour. Do you want to acquire this skill?

What are you paying for ?


40 minute

Worksheets, Templates & Cheat Sheets


1:1 Live Call


Build confidence, communicate better and achieve your goals


Imagine if you...

  • Avoid common communication mistakes that hold you back
  • Never have to worry about what to say
  • Say ‘NO’ without feeling guilty
  • Make your wants, needs, and opinions known
  • Take action to protect yourself
  • You never have to worry about making a firm but harsh no.

Worksheets, Templates & Cheat Sheets​

  • “I” statement template
  • OSCAR formula for assertive communication
  • Journaling assignment 
  • Managing anxiety- a checklist
  • Audience analysis- a checklist



Value for your money

  • Recorded Workshop (Value- ₹999)
  • Worksheet and Journaling assignment feedback (value – ₹3000)
  • Templates and cheat sheets (value – ₹1500)
  • 1:1  live strategy session (value – ₹4000)


🎁’Chaos to clarity’ communication planner (Digital copy value-₹599)

🎁E-book on Business Emails (value – ₹199)

🎁Access to email course ‘Write Better Emails’ (Value- ₹1299)

Total value – ₹11500
Today’s value – ₹999

Let's Talk Bonuses

Bonus #1: 'Chaos to Clarity' Communication Planner

Effective Communication can take you a long way!

To communicate effectively, this planner helps you to plan out what you want from your communication, and what you need to do to get it.

Bonus #2: Write Better Emails

Writing emails in any language is a skill and a craft that can be just as tricky as small talk or networking. The language barrier adds an extra level of difficulty in learning how to improve your emails. This email course is designed to help you master the basic structures that you need to know, and you’ll be able to write better faster English emails.

Bonus #3: 1:1 Live Coaching Call

All my clients tell me that my coaching calls are value-packed! So, seize the opportunity and hang out with me in a 1:1 Coaching Call where you can ask me questions related to anything. 

Sounds amazing, doesn’t it?

This workshop will take to you a point where you´ll never again feel invisible in meetings and groups … powerless in day-to-day dealings with people … and frustrated with not being taken seriously.

By the end of this workshop, you will have:

  • Recognized the three main categories of behaviour, their advantages and disadvantages and how to best respond to them.
  • Access to a wide range of assertiveness techniques to help them to become more assertive in the workplace.
  • Created an action plan to enable them to build on their new assertiveness skills going forward.
  • A follow-up exercise/journaling assignment to practically implement the techniques and strategies learnt in the workshop.