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7 steps to better Email Writingbuei

Professional emails are an important part of Business Writing. Nowadays, there are very few jobs that do not involve the daily use of emails, and due to the pandemic and remote working concept the adoption of lean media conversation is of unparalleled significance.

We all know that the medium of communication in the business world is mostly English, also known as Business English.

Emails have become an inseparable part of our business communication. Whether we are at office, co-workspace, or working from home, one thing that we keep checking/sending/responding to, is email.

Email is incredibly important in the Business Communication. In order to make your emails communicate well, you must write them effectively.

Business emails tend to serve two purposes:

a. Giving information

b. Asking for information.

To make sure your emails do justice to these two purposes, follow the 7 steps to effective business email.

  1. Always start your email with a greeting (being polite is important in business).
  2. Tell the recipient who you are (state your name and how you would like to be recognized as).
  3. Clearly state the purpose of email (clear sentence to the point).
  4. Provide essential details (mention the attachments as well).
  5. Do state what action is needed.
  6. Close the email with suitable sign-offs
  7. Don’t forget to end with your signature.

When the main purpose of your email is to communicate a problem and your proposed way to resolve it, you can follow the SCRAP structure.

Situation: Start positively, explain the situation and your purpose for the email

Complication: explain clearly the problem

Resolution: explain your proposed solution to the problem

Action: clearly state what you would like to happen next, the actions for the recipient and for you

Politeness: includes thanking or praising the recipient.

Write Better!

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